Monthly Archives: October 2015

VPN Setup

This is mainly for the BAC contest this weekend.

Download (64bit windows):
Download (32bit windows):
Install that as administrator, then download and copy the contents of this zip file to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config

VPN Config:

This should give you an icon that will have Connect as an option, which will ask for a username (your callsign) and the password (which we will give you on IRC). This will then assign you a 10.8.0.x address.

N1MM+ Setup

  1. Install N1MM+ and run it to update to latest version.
  2. Go to Tools -> Update wl_cty.dat (internet) and update your country file.
  3. Close N1MM+
  4. Download the BAC UDC file from here and place in your Documents/N1MM+ Logger/UserDefinedContests directory
  5. Download the KA1DS N1MM+ database from here and place in your Documents/N1MM+ Logger/Databases directory
  6. Launch N1MM.
  7. File -> Open Database -> KA1DS database file you saved previously.
  8. File -> New Log in Database KA1DS
  9. In N1MM+ New Log Dialog Box
    1. WA1J_BAC
    2. Operator: MULTI-MULTI
    3. Band: ALL
    4. Power: HIGH
    5. Mode: SSB
    6. Overlay: N/A
    7. Sent Exchange: W
    8. Operators: <Your Call>
    9. <OK>
  10. You should have N1MM+ running now with a Callsign, a serial box (not editable) and a Booze box.
  11. Time to get networking started!
    1. Turn off windows firewall.  You’re behind NAT so dont worry.  N1MM needs to talk to ports that windows firewall doesnt like on the WAN side.
    2. Windows -> Network Status.  A box should appear saying “Click to start networking”.  Click the box in the window.  Stations should be appearing if the VPN is working as it should.  Dont worry if your IP isn’t on the same subnet as everyone elses.
    3. Window -> Info (your chat/irc log)
    4. Ctrl-E to open up chat window where you can type lewd things to people.